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Category: News

Feb. 24th, the House oversight committee’s Congressional hearing on Toyota

by kace

On February 24th, the House oversight committee hosted a Congressional hearing on Toyota.      During this hearing, Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the founder of Toyota, and Yoshimi Inaba, the company’s North American President, appeared voluntarily to the Congressional hearing.   In this Congressional hearing, where Akio Toyoda’s acceptance of the company’s fault and…

Lineage and census ? Dong Chan Kim

by kace

    Koreans are the ones that have organized their family lineage the best in the world. Also, Koreans have made a concept called ‘Hang-ryul,’ which reveals the generation of that person. When a person stated his family, house, and generation, it was able for a person to know who that person actually is.     …

Looking into Haiti ? Dongsuk Kim

by kace

   “Toussaint L’Ouverture” is a leader of black rebellion in Haiti. His name means ‘the awakening of all saints.’ In 1794, when France declared the abolition of slavery in its overseas colony, Toussaint L’Ouverture allied with France and eradicated Spain and Britain out of Haiti. He was impressed by Voltaire’s French revolution ideals that consisted…

Obama’s first year in his presidency ? Dongsuk Kim

by kace

For the past one year…  ?   It has been exactly one year since the first African-American president in American history took office. The meaning of “African-American President” is more than just unprecedented; it is more suited to expect the restoration of America in crisis with the leadership of ‘justice, equality and conscience.’    America before Obama…

KAVC Volunteers census outreach campaign

by kace

   On February 4, 2009, KAVC student volunteers went campaigning once again throughout the local neighborhood posting informational materials pertaining to the upcoming Census 2010 initiative. Various poster and pamphlets were given out to local small businesses and posted on store fronts.      Student volunteers Esther Jo, Samantha Wu, and Amy Zhan (Cardozo High…

Massachusetts senate elections – Dongsuk Kim

by kace

Mini Midterm Election    <Massachusetts senate elections>      The Republicans won the Massachusetts senate elections, where it is known to be the perfect haven for the Democrats among the 50 states. The state of Massachusetts is where the Democrats dominate without a rival, with the governor, 2 federal senates, 10 federal lower house members,…