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KACE Legal Task Force

The KACE Legal Task Force consists of passionate attorneys dedicated to support and protect the vulnerable in our communities.

Officially established February 2017, the KACE Legal Task Force has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Korean immigrant community by providing workshops, seminars, media presentations, publications, mobilizing Korean American churches, offering legal services to the community, and further collaborating with CUNY Law School. Throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic, the taskforce diligently assisted small business owners and those facing economic hardship, and maintained our hotline for victims of anti-Asian hate.

2017년 2월에 공식적으로 설립된 KACE 법률 팀은 워크숍, 세미나, 언론 발표, 출판물 제공, 한인 교회 조직, 법률 서비스 제공, CUNY 법대와 협력을 통해 한인 이민자 사회를 위해 끊임없이 노력해 왔습니다. 저희 법률 팀은 팬데믹 이후에도 소상공인과 경제적 어려움에 처한 이들을 지속적으로 지원하고, 아시아 혐오 범죄 피해자들을 위한 핫라인을 운영합니다.


Judy Chang, Esq.
Co-Chair, New Jersey
Youngsoo Choi, Esq.
Co-Chair, New York

Immigration / Criminal Practice Committee

Dongkyu Park, Esq.* Youngsoo Choi, Esq. Judy Chang, Esq.
Celina Cho, Esq. Jaihong Park, Esq. Jaehee Yoo, Esq.

Labor / Employment / Women Practice Committee

Diane Lee, Esq. Ryan Kim, Esq. Soo Kyung Nam, Esq.

Policy / Public Relations Committee

Jong Lim, Esq. Chejin Park, Esq.* Dongchan Kim
Wayne Park

Mission Statement

1. Research and analyze the administration’s Executive Orders and Policies affecting Korean Immigrants.
2. Disseminate reliable information on the Executive Orders and Policies to Korean community.
3. Help Korean immigrants apply for citizenship and register to vote.
4. Create and maintain a emergency hotline for Korean immigrants.
5. Provide Korean immigrants with community-wide education on various immigration issues.
6. Establish community-based immigrant advocacy support groups for field actions.
7. Collaborate with other organizations to collectively defend the Korean immigrants.
8. Create and distribute flyers in Korean on many important immigration issues.
9. Organize and operate Korean immigrant legal defense team, KALDEF