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KACE Grassroots Internship Program

2023 KACE Grassroots Internship visiting Rep. Andy Kim at his office in Washington, D.C.

About the KACE Grassroots Internship Program

Since its launch in 2004, over 300 high school students throughout New Jersey and New York have joined our annual high school internship program.  Under supervision, students research and lead public campaigns to raise awareness of various important issues. Students also have opportunities to meet elected officials and engage with members of the local, state, and federal legislature. Our program is specifically devoted to developing all the inherent skills of our interns as they go out and experience firsthand what it takes to help and support the community.

For any inquiries or questions regarding the program, you may contact us at or (718) 961-4117.  You may also visit our Social Media (via Linktree) for videos and pictures from our previous years of the KACE Grassroots Internship Program.

Full Program Timeline Summary: May 31, 2024 through October 25, 2024 (Full Program is 22 Weeks)

Interns are expected to participate fully for the entire duration of the internship program (May 31, 2024 through October 25, 2024) and attend our end of year gala in the fall (date to be announced in the summer).  We generally meet once a week during the Pre-Session, five days a week during the Main-Session, and generally once a week during the Post-Session.

There is also an overnight visit to Washington, D.C. (7/16/2024 – 7/18/2024), which is mandatory for all interns participating in the internship program this year.


  • Pre-Session: May 31st through June 21st (4 weeks)
    • Meets once-a-week over Zoom for training and lectures.
    • 5pm Central (Texas and Illinois) / 6PM Eastern (New York and New Jersey)
    • Avg. 2 Hours a week
  • Main-Session: June 27th through August 16th (8 weeks)
    • Meets daily in person.
      • MONDAYS – WEDNESDAYS: In-Person Office Meetings
      • THURSDAYS: In-Person Field Research Trips
      • FRIDAYS: In-Person Campaigns (New York)
      • SATURDAYS: In-Person Campaigns (New Jersey)
    • Throughout the Main Session, Interns will be, including but not limited to, learning and preparing for and attending our campaigns and projects, writing articles for our annual internship journal publication, giving in person live presentations, and preparing for our end of year online Zoom presentations.
    • The Texas and Illinois program hours may differ depending on participating host organizations.
    • The above general schedule is subject to change due to weather, availability of visits or guests, local events or campaigns, etc.
    • Avg. 40 Hours a week.
  • Post-Session: August 23rd through October 25th (10 Weeks):
    • Meets once-a-week over Zoom for lectures and Intern Presentations.
    • 5pm Central (Texas and Illinois) / 6pm Eastern (New York and New Jersey)
    • Avg. 1 Hour a week

Eligibility for the Internship Program

Only high school students are eligible to apply for the 2024 KACE Grassroots Internship Program.  Applicants will be selected based upon the following factors:

  • Commitment to serving the Korean American community;
  • Ability to relate with people of all backgrounds, age, creeds, and gender;
  • Ability to work consistently and patiently for long-term team efforts;
  • Willingness to extend their help and go long distances even on weekends;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • Bilingual skills (English and Korean) is a strong plus, but not required.


Interns are required to meet performance expectations just as would any other employee.  These expectations include punctuality, responsibility, integrity, productivity, team participation, and specialized knowledge.

In order to meaningfully fulfill the objectives of the internship, regular in-person attendance during the Main Session and active participation is strongly encouraged.

The Application Process

The Application Process is very long because it is a real job application.  Like all job applications, this is not something to rush through or do last minute.  You have to give yourself enough time to complete the application.  This is good practice for when you have to apply to colleges and universities.  This is also good practice for when you apply for jobs in the future as an adult.

The Application Period for the 2024 KACE Grassroots Internship will open January 1, 2024.  The Deadline to apply by has been EXTENDED to Friday, April 12, 2024.  There is an interview component for those applications that make it to that round.  Therefore, it is highly recommend that you apply at your earliest possibility to ensure enough time to schedule a job interview if selected from the pool of applicants.  We are only able to interview 1 or 2 people per business day between the hours of 10am-5pm.  The last interview will be taking place no later than May 10, 2024. There is no guarantee that you will be able to be interviewed after that date.

There are seven documents you must prepare in advance for upload:

  1. 2024 KACE Applicant Information Form (link for download)
  2. Applicant’s Photo
  3. Clear picture or scan of School ID, both front and back sides
  4. Resume
  5. Personal Statement (further instructions below at the link)
  6. Complete School Transcript
  7. Stop Sexual Harassment Training Certificate

Failure to provide any of the required documents may result in the delay of processing your application or the rejection of your application in its entirety. As a reminder, this is a job application.  Additional information and instructions are on the application page.

Social Media

You can learn more about our program and activities by visiting our social media pages.