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2010 Interns meet Cha, In-Pyo

by admin1

  • Posted on July 29, 2010

  • News

  On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, the 2010 KAVC summer interns had a chance to meet with Cha, In-Pyo who is a famous actor in Korea at the office in New Jersey.

On this day, the interns and Cha, In-Pyo were able to discuss the summer intern program, and had time to discuss their impressions and other various thoughts on the Washington D.C. tour and meeting the senator.

Cha, In-Pyo is looking forward and expecting many more activities and provide encouragement.




 Cha, In-Pyo was able to take a picture with each of the KAVC interns and these 16-17 year old interns were able to meet the lawmakers in person by visiting Washington D.C. Now, at this time, even though many comfort women victims were not able to resolve their deep sorrow and are passing away one by one, he sends a sorrowful applause to everyone’s effort..




 Also, he says the students did an amazing job asking and answering the lawmakers, and that even if the internship program ends, they should not forget KAVC and continue participating in KAVC’s summer internship activities and remember everything they learned so that they may be able to help the community in the future.



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