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Representative Bill Pascrell Profile

빌 파스크렐 의원은 뉴저지 버겐카운티 및 패터슨을 포함하는 뉴저지 제 9 선거구를 대표합니다. 파스크렐 의원은 Korea Caucus소속으로, 지난 2007년 속칭 “위안부”결의안인 제 121 결의안에 공동발의자로 후원했습니다. 1997년 연방 하원의원으로 첫 당선된 이후, 파스크렐 의원은 현재 10선의원으로 재임 중입니다.

그가 대표하는 뉴저지 9 선거구는, 한인 밀집지역인 팰리세이드 파크 등을 포함하여 지난 2010년 인구조사 기준으로 한인인구 약 44,607명이 거주하는 것으로 추산됩니다.

Representative Bill Pascrell represents the 9th Congressional District of New Jersey, that includes most of Bergen County and Paterson. Representative Pascrell is a member of the Korea Caucus and co-sponsored H.Res. 121 of 2007, also known as the “Comfort Women” Resolution. First elected to US Congress in 1997, Representative Pascrell is currently serving his 10th term.

The 9th Congressional Distrct of New Jersey that he represents includes several towns with large Korean population, such as Palisades Park. The 2010 Census estimates there to be 44,607 Korean Americans within the district.

2015년 4월 21일, 아베 총리 연설관련 파스크렐 의원의 하원 특별 연설 전문
Representative Pascrell’s remark, as part of the Special Order on April 21, 2015:


Mr. Speaker, as the United States continues to work with Japan to promote peace and prosperity throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the broader global community, it is my hope that Prime Minister Abe’s visit next week will lay the foundation for healing and humble reconciliation by addressing the historical issue of the comfort women. I look forward to hearing from the Prime Minister for Japan is a close friend and ally, as is South Korea. We want to encourage our close friends and allies to communicate and to foster an ability to work together productively. That is why I am proud to cosponsor resolutions in the United States Congress to urge the Japanese Government to formally acknowledge and apologize for their Imperial Military’s coercion of young women into sexual slavery during the thirties and forties. The recognition of these events by the Japanese Government, through the report released last year on the Kono Statement, takes a step backward in taking full responsibility for the immeasurable pain and incurable wounds suffered by the comfort women. As a member of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, I will continue to work every day to ensure that our children and our children’s children will inherit a world where these types of atrocities are a thing of the past. Mr. Speaker, MIKE HONDA, who will be speaking in a little while, has kept this hope alive.