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Voter Registeration Drive

by kace

  • Posted on July 6, 2009

  • News

      Today, July 6th, the New York KAVC interns and volunteers campaigned in KCS Flushing Senior Center and in front of the Northern Pharmacy in order to register new voters. In KCS Flushing Senior Center, the interns made an announcement in front of the seniors, informing them about KAVC and the importance of voter registration. Then the interns asked the seniors to get registered. Three people filled out the registration forms.

In the end, they got four people registered.

      After lunch, the interns and the volunteers went to Hmart on 156 St. to campaign. Around three, they started toward 147 St., and asked people if they were registered voters on the way. However, it was not successful. In the end of the day, the KAVC interns and volunteers got seven people registered.

      There were several issues that the interns and the volunteers faced while campaigning. One was that many seniors have already registered. Second, there was a sense of fear among the seniors that being registered as a voter will require them to pay money. Third, there was lack of knowledge about voter registration in general. Fourth, problem with the language prevailed for some of the interns.