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2011 New Jersey Election Guide

by kace

  • Posted on October 26, 2011

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2011 New Jersey General Election Guide


November General Elections

Date and Time

Tuesday, November 8th from 6AM to 8PM 

What to Bring 
If you are voting for the first time, please bring your driver’s license. However, if this is not your first time, there are no legally required documents. 

KAVC Election Hotline 
Election inquiries and Report problems: 201-488-4201


2011 Election Candidates

Bergen County, NJ

County Clerk

The county clerk is responsible for the county’s administrative affairs. Land matters, requesting American passports, notary services, business registration, and election supervision is under the office of the county clerk. 

clerk.lisa randall.JPG                                                                   clerk.john hogan.JPG

Incumbent: Elizabeth Lisa Randall (Republican)                                    Challenger: John Hogan (Democrat)         



The surrogate is responsible for death-related matters such as wills, deciding beneficiaries, in addition to managing foster care issues. 

surrogate.dressler.JPG                                                                  surrogate.Cimiluca.JPG

Incumbent: Michael Dressler (Democrat)                                               Challenger: Andrew Cimiluca (Republican)
Chosen Freeholder
Freeholders create laws inside the county and act as advisers to the county clerk. Freeholders review and pass laws, investigate budget, and coordinate efforts with other municipalities. 

freeholder.ganz.JPG                                                                  freeholder.voss.JPG            
Incumbent: David Ganz (Democrat)                                                        Incumbent: Joan Voss (Democrat) 

freeholder.brizzi.JPG                                                                 freeholder.rottino.JPG    
Challenger: Joel Brizzi (Republican)                                                        Challenger: Anthony Rottino (Republican)



New Jersey District 37


One senator is elected from every district once every two years. They are legislative members. 

senator.weinberg.JPG                                                                   senator.Lebovics.JPG
Incumbent: Loretta Weinberg (Democrat)                                                Challenger: Robert Lebovics (Republican)

General Assembly

Two assemblypersons are chosen from each district every two years. 

goldon johnson.JPG                                                                   Valerie Huttle.JPG
Incumbent: Gordon Johnson (Democrat)                                                  Incumbent: Valerie Huttle (Democrat)

 Keith Jensen.JPG                                                                    Gregory John Aslanian.JPG

Challenger: Keith Jensen (Republican)                                                       Challenger: Gregory John Aslanian (Republican)

Julian Heicklen.JPG  
Challenger: Julian Heicklen (Independent)

Vote by Mail
New Jersey’s absentee ballot is called “Vote-By-Mail Ballot.” If you are a registered voter in New Jersey, you are eligible to vote in your home or office via mail. 


1. Send Vote-by-Mail Registration Form 
2. Send the ballot.  

Via Mail: 11월 1일                   In Person: 11월 7일 오후 3시

How to Receive:
KAVC: (201)488-4201,
New Jersey Board of Elections: