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New Jersey vote by mail campaign at Ridgefield H-Mart

by kace

  • Posted on October 7, 2011

  • News

On October 5, 2011, Korean American Voter’s Council interns campaigned for voter registration and vote by mail at the Ridge field H-mart. Many people showed their interest in Vote by Mail because they did not know about the vote by mail and its’ difference with voter registration.

Vote by mail is an easy and comfortable way to vote in New Jersey, started in 2009. If you are a registered voter in New Jersey, you can register the vote by mail and vote at home or work. People who could not vote because they did not have the time, especially small business owners and long distance commuting worker or students are able to vote ahead of time.

Up until now, 28 states including New Jersey State are doing vote by mail which does not require reason for absence. Like in LA almost 60% of votes are vote by mail. Many people recognize the effectiveness of the vote by mail system which has raised the voting count and reduced the cost. However, the rest of 23 states including New York require the reason for absence and only allow the absentee ballot.

Process of vote by mail is 1) apply vote by mail ballot and then 2) submit vote by mail ballot. After a few days to send the vote by mail application, people will receive a vote by mail ballot package and it must be completed correctly and sent to the board of election or county clerk’s office in a right time.

Deadline of vote by mail is like this. Applications must be received in the County Clerk’s office by close of business no later than seven days prior to Election Day (November 1).
Your ballot will be sent to the
address provided on your application. You, or an Authorized Messenger acting on your behalf, may also
apply for a Vote by Mail Ballot in person at the County Clerk’s office at any
time up until 3pm on the day before an election (November 7).

Korean American Voter’s Council will campaign in Korean community at Chusuk festival (10/8/&9), H-mart (Ridgefield-10/12, Fort Lee-10/19), and various local churches.

The vote by mail application form is available in Korean however, the vote by mail ballot form is in English so you must be sure to fill in information accurately otherwise your vote may be invalid. If you have any question or want to download application, please contact to Korean American Voters’ Council or New Jersey Board of Election.

Korean American Voter’s Council: Phone number: (201)-488-4201
New Jersey board of Elections website: