“Come from the Shadows” Exhibition Reception

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  • Posted on August 17, 2011

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On August 15th, 2011, the Korean American Voters’ Council (KAVC) in conjunction with the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center held the “Come from the Shadows” Exhibition Reception. This exhibition was planned jointly since last year. With two atrocities, the Holocaust and the Comfort Women issue, happening on different sides of the earth, at the same time during World War Two at hand, KAVC and the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center joined to make sure that such tragedies do not happen again through educating our next generation.


The Japanese Government still does not admit wrongdoing for the Comfort Women, and is pursuing the territories of nations it once oppressed. To urge Japan to take notice of human rights, and educate its next generation rightly, KAVC and the Kupferberg Center agreed to continue our activities.


Local politicians and head representatives of Flushing and Bayside, NY joined the reception, and they unanimously stated that this issue of human rights must be dealt with thoroughly, as soon as possible. New York State Assemblymembers Ed Braunstein, Rory Lancman, Grace Meng, and New York City Councilmembers, Peter Koo and Dan Halloran attended this receptions. They greatly underscored the importance of Japan’s apology and the need for compensation and apology to the “Comfort Women” victims.


A total of 300 people attended this event, including 120 local leaders and KAVC interns and volunteers.

Consul General Young-mok Kim and the Director of Korean Cultural Service NY Woosung Lee attended this event on behalf of the Korean government. Some of the leaders of the community that attended the reception are: President Chang Y. Han of the Korean American Association of Greater New York, President Jongshik Lee of the Korean American Business Council, President Hosoo Kwak of the Korean Seafood Association, President Myungsuk Lee of the Korean American Association of Queens, NY, Reverend Wonki Kim of Korean American Council of Churches, Board Chair Jaebok Choi of the Korean American Association of Queens, President Yongwoo Lee of the Senior Citzens’ Soccer Association, President Yoon Sook Park of the Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute of NY, Vice President Yong-chan Lee of the Korean Liberation Association, Principal Hyunju Hwang of the New Jersey Korean School, and Professor Pyong-gap Min of Queens College.

There was a recent request from a university in Texas for a second exhibition. Therefore, we expect this event to be held all over the United States.


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       Assemblyman                Assemblywoman               NYC Councilman                 NYC Councilman                       Assemblyman
       Ed Braunstein                   Grace Meng                         Peter Koo                         Dan Halloran                          Rory Lancman




[Group Picture of Special Guests]

IMG_0645a (Artists and QCC Vice President).jpg

[Artists and the QCC Vice President]

IMG_0656a (Politicians and Dr Flug).jpg 

[From left: Dongchan Kim, KAVC President, NYC Councilman Dan Halloran, QCC Vice President, Esther Lee, KAVC Board Chair, NYS Assemblyman Ed Braunstein, NYS Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Dr. Arther Flug]

IMG_0676a (Chang Y. Han).jpg 

[Chang Y. Han, President of Korean American Association of Greater New York, speaking about Comfort Women]

IMG_0695a (Peter Koo).jpg 

[NYC Councilman Peter Koo making an opening statement for the reception]

IMG_0727a (children).jpg 

[KAVC Interns having a little break]

IMG_0760a (Group Picture).jpg 

[Group Picture of KAVC Interns and Staff]