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Buy Local Shop Smart Toby Ann Stavisky Presentation.

by kace

  • Posted on August 13, 2011

  • News

On Friday, August 08, 2011 the Korean American Voters’ Council’s (KAVC) interns met with New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky to introduce their “Buy Local, Shop Smart” campaign.

The Buy Local, Shop Smart campaign aims to educate consumers on the importance of supporting local business research done by KAVC interns and organizations throughout the United States. Multiple studies indicate that when a consumer shifts 10% of his or her economic spending from chain stores to local stores, the economic impact on the community is increased three times. By educating the public about this coalition through this way, consumers will be able to learn that there are numerous benefits from shopping locally such as an increase in job opportunities and revenue recirculation inside the local economy.


[From the left: Alex Park (Volunteer), Gabriel Yoon (Volunteer), Toby Ann Stavisky, Stella Kim (Intern), Peter Park (Volunteer), Sangbo Nam (Intern)

The Korean American Voters’ Council commuted their own survey, thus concluding that the number of stores closed in the Flushing area is about 10%. An study in Austin, Texas, 2002 was found concluding that if 100 dollars were spent on a large chain store, only 13 dollars were going to the local economy, while when 100 dollars were spent on a small local store, 45 dollars went to the local economy.

Toby Ann Stavisky acknowledged the interns’ efforts in trying to improve the local economy stated his interest for the project. He agreed to support the initiative and cooperate with the campaign, stating that he would like to support by liking the Facebook page of “Buy Local, Shop Smart New York”.


[From the left: Gabriel Yoon (volunteer), Toby Ann Stavisky New York State Senate, Stella Kim (intern), Peter Park (intern), Sangbo Nam (intern)]

The people who presented on August 8, 2011 to Toby Ann Stavisky are Peter Park (Queens HS for Science 12th), Stella Kim (Cardozo HS 11th), Sangbo Nam (Hunter College HS), Gabriel Yoon (Queens HS for Science), Alex Park (Cardozo HS 11th), Jane Chun (NYU), and Chae Noh (intern coordinator).