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NYC Councilman Peter Koo’s Staff Visit KAVC

by kace

  • Posted on July 9, 2011

  • News

On July 7th, Peter Koo’s senior staff visited the Korean American Voters’ Council. Chief of Staff James McClelland, Director of External Affairs Scarlette Cho, and an intern were in attendance.



KAVC interns introduced to the staffers the “Buy Local, Shop Smart” project proposal. This project urges citizens to spend more in local stores than that of chain stores. If they spend more money in local shops, more money circulates inside the community, whereas with large chain stores, most money spent goes to the corporation. This campaign is being planned to revitalize our local economy and give strength to small business owners.


Chief of Staff McClelland said that he agrees with this idea wholeheartedly. He also stated that he will speak to Councilman Koo, and will try to gather attention to this cause through press conferences and contacting other local politicians.


Next, KAVC staff spoke about the Alternate Parking laws.



 KAVC delivered the opinions of small business owners that are being affected negatively. Director of External Affairs Cho said she will speak to Councilman Koo and McClelland added that he will give all his effort to fix this problem.


KAVC Interns Alex Kim, Sarah Kim, Stella  Kim, Cindy Park, and Jane Chun presented the proposal. Board Chair Esther Lee and Next Generation Education Director Do Sung Chung attended this meeting as well.