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New York Board of Elections – 2011 Election Law Revision Proposals

by kace

  • Posted on June 8, 2011

  • News

April 5, 2011, the New York Board of Elections submitted the first portion of its
2011 legislative proposals to the Governor and Members of the New York State
Legislature to increase the efficiency of the electoral system and improve the
voting system. Fifteen proposals were sent in, mostly concerning the issues of
mandating minimum funding allocation, moving the fall primary election to June,
improving and enhancing election administration, controlling changes to the
statewide voter registration list, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness
of the Board of Elections.

of the legislative proposals are listed below.

    Proposal #11-02
    – moves the fall primary election to
    the last Tuesday in June to comply with federal law and the new voting system’s

    The Board of Elections believes that this change is
    necessary for several reasons such as:

    1. It is the only way it can comply with the
      Military and Overseas Voters Empowerment Act.
    2. The current time frame between the primary and
      the general election prevents the Board from meeting certain statutory
    3. This can increase interest and voter turnout
      which is important in NYC where the election is frequently determined at the
    4. A June primary would allow voters to have enough
      time to learn about the candidates and issues as well as give candidates more
      time to prepare for the election.
    5. This change can help the New York City Department
      of Education ensure that classes are not held in public schools (where the
      majority of poll sites are located) on the day of the primary.
    6. If the primary election results are challenged or
      overturned by the courts, a June primary would allow more time to hold a re-run

  • #11-03

    clarifies the instructions on how to properly mark a paper ballot for the
  • #11-05

    provides that there must be bipartisan approval and electronic recording of all
    activities and functions conducted using the statewide voter registration list.
  • #11-06

    proposes that there are no classes on the day of the primary election for
    students in public schools.
  • #11-09

    considers interfering with election equipment and poll sites as a felony.
  • #11-12

    gives the Boards of Elections authorization to conduct local registration at
    their option in any year.
  • #11-14

    changes the absentee ballot application process so that requests and responses
    for absentee ballots are able 
    to be made through the day before an election.

notable are proposals #11-02, #11-06, and #11-09 which affect the date of the
primary election and election administration.

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