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Great Neck Korean American Association and KAVC Joint Campaign

by kace

  • Posted on April 27, 2011

  • News


On Sunday, April 17th, the Korean American Voters’ Council (KAVC) and the Great Neck Korean American Association (Coordinator Young Soo Choi, Esq.) held a joint voter registration campaign at the Great Neck H-Mart.


During the last few years, residents have begun to move out of Great Neck while Koreans started to move in. This led to a large growth of Korean-American population in the area. As a result of this migration, a gap in the community’s participation with the local government has been created. Korean Americans’ need to participate in their local government and community was greatly emphasized.

America’s townships have their own executive, legislative, and judicial establishments, which in a sense, makes them city-states. Experience from participating in the local government greatly prepares people for the state and the federal governments. Also, as a minority group, Korean Americans must start building experience and repute in the local communities to gain leadership in society. Leadership is key to overcoming hard times and difficulties that may arise in the future. With this in mind, the Great Neck Korean American Association chose to hold a joint voter registration drive with KAVC. The Great Neck Korean American Association will continue to hold various joint events with KAVC such as civics school to continue educate Korean Americans about the importance of civic participation and what their duties as American citizens are.

KAVC Board Chair Esther Lee, KAVC Interns and several Great Neck residents participated in this campaign and also spread knowledge about a special education event on April 30th at 6PM, sponsored by the Great Neck Korean American Association.