Shifting Alliances – Party Change Data 2009-2010

by kace

  • Posted on September 30, 2010

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The Korean American Voters’ Council (KAVC) has been analzying the newest voter registration and voter turnout data in an effort to determine if there are any trends within the major political parties (Democrat [DEM], Republican [REP], Independent [IND], No Party/Blank [BLK]). The base data was provide by the New York State Board of Elections and then sorted and complied by the KAVC data analysis team.


Overall, the two parties which most have ben switching to within this 2009-2010 session has been the DEM and REP parties, with a noticable surge with the DEMs compared to the REPs. In most areas classified as lower-middle to middle on the socio-economic scale (Bronx, Kings, Queens) enrollment in the DEM party is greater than, and in some cases 33% more than the REP party. However, in areas classified as upper-middle on the socio-economic scale, (Nassau, Richmond, Suffolk) enrollment in both parties are almost equal. Please refer to the following graph for details.


Party Change Analysis (ALL RACE) 01.jpg


With the exception of Richmond county, there was always a greater number of overall voters switching to the DEM party. The overwhelming presence of the DEM party is clearly seen, even through party changes and new voter registrations. Please refer to the following graph for details.


Party Change Analysis (ALL RACE) 02.jpg


And when looking at the overall party switch breakdown, DEMs overshadow the REPs, in some cases 4 to 1. Overall, the combined of new voters, no party changes to a party, and a party to party change, it was dominated by the DEMs. Please refer to the following graph for details.


Party Change Analysis (ALL RACE) 03.jpg


However, the total voters per party has not shown such a radical shift according to socio-economic lines. Bronx, Kings, New York, and Queens all show a commanding DEM lead over the REPs and in Nassau, Suffolk and Richmond, it is almost 1 for 1 between DEMs and REPs, further cementing the fact that New York State is a DEM dominated state.


Party Change Analysis (ALL RACE) 04.jpg


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