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Information about application form

by kace

  • Posted on September 11, 2010

  • News






KAVC 2010  summer interns have published a information for a citizenship application. For the past 6 weeks, Interns from new jersey , while registering new voters,  realized that Korean community needed a help about applying for a citizenship, researched a  best way of assisting, and helped 34 Korean-Americans apply for their citizenships through the event of citizenship application.



Near to the end of summer vacation, We, Korean American Voter council, devised this new information form for citizenship by considering how to develop the Korean community and help them get a citizenship. This newly designed application form for citizenship is comprised of qualification for citizenship, required document, example, way to write , paper ,and final check list, so that people can prepare a document and write a application form by themselves.



This direction is written as a general case of achieving a citizenship. Those who want to receive this form via a mail need to pay $10 for fee, and they also get it on KAVC website ( for free. Applicants can call if they have a question about application form, and we are planning to provide a service for those who want to check their forms finally.