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Demonstration of New Voting Machine in Corona Senior Apartment

by kace

  • Posted on August 10, 2010

  • News

On August 7th, 2010, the Korean American Voters’ council had a demonstration, at a
senior apartment in Corona, with Senior Voters Association (President
 Choi, Sung-Mo) about the new voting machine. At
the demonstration, Korean residents from the apartment, as well as Chinese,
Hispanic, and English, were all involved. For approximately one and a half
hours, senior voters were able to fill in the
new voting ballots and learn how to use the new voting machine.

For the few senior voters that were
having trouble with the new voting method, KAVC interns helped and explained to
each voter, one at a time. There were cases where many people have voted twice
and had to re-vote.


This day’s demonstration took place at Senior Voters Association
(Chairman Im, Hyung-Bin) where an event was held to demonstrate the new voting
machine to the residents in the apartment, and the Voters
interns, who met with the demonstration team beforehand to train for the new voting
machine, conducted a demonstration for NYC’s boroughs. The Voters Council’s
summer interns that were involved this day still participated even though their
internship periods were over. The interns that have participated this day are Jin
Han Kim(Great Neck South High School 11), Gloria Yun(St. Michael college) ,
Jae Yoon Lim(Great Neck South High School 11),
and Hyo Wang Kim(Francis Lewis High 12).