July 18 2010 Voter registration Drive campaign

by kace

  • Posted on July 19, 2010

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On July 18th, Korean American Voters’ Council interns and volunteers held a voter registration drive and voting participating campaign in Church of the Lord in New Jersey.  Whereas most first generation Korean Americans actively participated in the voter registration, Korean Americans youths 18 years old or older did not feel that they needed to.    



Also, many held a misconception that they would have to serve jury duty if they registered to vote. Juries are picked randomly out of people who have driver’s license. Hence, jury duty can be imposed on people without citizenship as well.



                The Korean American community must educate its youths who have turned 18 or older about political rights and make sure that such education is administered in religious institutions and households.




 The interns and volunteers who participated in the registration drive include:  Joshua Lee (Bergen Academy – senior), Steven Kim (Dwight – Englewood  School – junior), Yesung Lee (Great Neck South High School – senior), Jaeyoon Rim (Great Neck South High School – junior), and Hyowang Kim (Francis Lewis High School – senior). They received nineteen registrations, and three of them are for New Yorkers.