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Press conference on the operation of the New Voting Machine DS200

by kace

  • Posted on January 26, 2010

  • News



   On January 20th, 2010, Korean American Voters’ Council (KAVC) held a press conference to demonstrate the operation of DS200 from ES&S Company, the new electronic voting machine for the city of New York. Dongchan Kim, secretary general of KAVC and KAVC attorney Chejin Park carried out the press conference with detailed explanation.


   Much change related to the voting process was made for all states of America during 2002, during the term of President Bush, under Help America Vote Act (HAVA.) The state of New York had also undergone many changes, including a change into an easier way of voting for the disabled and supporting the voting process in diverse languages, other than English. Another change that HAVA is pursuing is the replacing of voting machines. States other than New York have changed their machines, and as New York City is changing its machines into DS200 of ES&S Company starting this primary election, it has replaced its machines in almost 80 years. 


   KAVC actively participated during the selection procedure of the new voting machine. KAVC supported the approval of DS200 as the new voting machine in an effort to find a more convenient system for Korean users by taking part in the hearing held by the board of elections on the new voting apparatus in December 29th, 2009. DS200, which was approved this January 5th, is to be used starting this primary election. Up to 5,000~7,000 machines will have Korean translation system equipped in the software, consequently allowing Korean service in other regions of New York City, outside of Queens where Korean translators are not provided.  


   In today’s conference, the operation of the new voting machine was thoroughly explained. Firstly, it is important to know that the oval must be fully filled in to vote, not marking the ballot with a check or an X mark. What is different about this newly approved machine is that when one damages the ballot or has marked another person by mistake, one has to return the ballot and receive a new ballot. Mistakes on the ballot cannot be modified. Also scanning the ballot after voting must be done by the voter himself.


    If you need help, you should ask for help to the staff members of the board of elections.


    As not much education is being provided by the board of elections concerning the new voting machines, KAVC is planning to educate at least the Korean voters to not give up their precious votes