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“Chu-suk” Voter Registration Campaign NJ

by kace

  • Posted on September 21, 2009

  • News

On September 18, 2009, the Korean American Voters’ Council organized a massive voter registration campaign for the upcoming General Elections at the “Chu-suk” Festival in Overpeck Park, NJ. In 2009, the upcoming elections are especially important as many vital positions are up for re-election, such as the County Freeholders.

Through the course of the campaign, KAVC registered 75 new voters as well as answer any questions about the upcoming positions up for election and on NJ voting regulations. From these voters, 62 were from New Jersey and 13 were from New York.

One of the most common issues voters were confused about was the issue of address change and voter registration status. Voters were under the assumption that either the regular change of address form from the post office also applied to their voter status, or they believed that once you register to vote in that state, it was unnecessary to update despite change of address.

This type of misunderstanding caused many problems during the last primary election. Because the voters did not update their current address with the Division of Elections, voters were either forced to travel back to their old poll sites and vote for candidates in that district or go to their zoned poll site and vote by affidavit ballot. Especially because of the prime positions up for election this year, affidavit ballot could prove to be a problem as even a minor mistake on the affidavit effectively nullifies the ballot, hence that vote is lost.

The deadline for New York voter registration is Oct 9, 2009. Deadline for New Jersey voter registration is Oct 13. Citizens should confirm that they have already registered to vote during the remaining days of the election. All eligible Korean American voters should get ready to vote on Nov 3, since even a single vote can make a difference for all of us.