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KAVC sends Thank you letter to International Relations Committee

by kace

September 14, 2006
[Representative Name]
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Dear Representative [Name]:

On behalf of the entire Korean American community, the Korean American Voters’ Council of NY/NJ (“KAVC”) would like to thank you and all the other members of the International Relations Committee for unanimously passing H. Res. 759 (Mandating the Government of Japan’s Formal Acceptance and Acknowledgement of its War Crimes against “Comfort Women”). The initiative and participation you have taken has proven invaluable not only to the Korean American community but women as a whole. The passage of H. Res. 759 will demonstrate to the world that the United States always stands for the rights of people, the pursuit of justice and democracy.

As you know:
1.    The “comfort women” tragedy was one of the largest cases of human trafficking in the 20th century;
2.    The “comfort women,” which included girls as young as 13 years of age and women separated from their own children, were either abducted from their homes or lured into sexual servitude under false pretenses;
3.    Japanese Government officials praised the removal of the term “comfort women” from Japanese textbooks to minimize the “comfort women” tragedy and other atrocities, and distort the Japanese role in war crimes during World War II;
4.    Germany not only prosecuted many Nazi war criminals but also offered official apologies and spent more than $60 billion in compensation to Israel and many individual victims of the Nazis; but Japan never conducted even an investigation or prosecution of its war criminals, nor did it offer any official compensation to individual victims; and
5.    Japan is not committed to democracy since it still refuses to acknowledge the country’s legal responsibility for the victims of war crimes committed during World War II.

Once again, thank you for all your efforts, time and consideration. KAVC is looking forward in collaborating its efforts with you in enlisting support from your colleagues in Washington, thereby producing concrete results pertaining to this issue.

Most respectfully yours,

David H. Chung
Chair of Advisory Committee of KAVC

Dong-suk Kim
Executive Director of KAVC
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