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Feb. 24th, the House oversight committee’s Congressional hearing on Toyota

by kace

  • Posted on February 25, 2010

  • News

On February 24th, the House oversight committee hosted a Congressional hearing on Toyota. 


ms Choi.jpg


During this hearing, Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the founder of Toyota, and Yoshimi Inaba, the company’s North American President, appeared voluntarily to the Congressional hearing.


In this Congressional hearing, where Akio Toyoda’s acceptance of the company’s fault and his apology grabbed the world’s attention, many congressmen questioned and interrogated Toyota with their defects, and their efforts to cover the defects.


Dan Burton, a member of the United States House of Representatives (HOR) for Indiana’s 5th congressional district and Co-chair of Korea Caucus, gave reference about HyeHyun Choi, a Korean victim who suffers from a serious disability due to a Toyota car accident 13 years ago, to the president of Toyota. Then, Dan Burton requested a reinvestigation about the HyeHyun Choi’s accident case, and the president of Toyota accepted the request.

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Korean American Voters’ Council (KAVC) organized the HyeHyun Choi’s case, and delivered the file to Dan Burton (R Indianan 5th) to request the reinvestigation on HyeHyun Choi’s case in the Congressional hearing.


KAVC’s organized file about HyeHyun Choi’s case, which was sent to Dan Burton, can be download through the attachment to this article.


E-mail received from HyeHyun Choi



This must be a help from god. Will all this fight over 13 years finally reveal the truth thanks to Mr. Kim’s help? I am really thankful from the bottom of my heart. Please accept my deep bow. Additionally, I would like to thank Mr. Cho Il Hwan and his wife, Mrs. Cho.


First, I would like to introduce my webpage.
Please show this Korean production, Chu-Jeok 60 Bun (Pursuit 60 Minute), created in 2008 by KBS, a major Korean broadcasting station, to Congressman Burton. This is very important and crucial. I am putting a link to You-Tube also.

If you wish to view this production with big screen, click on the link below
 I have a CD also. However, since the CD won’t be able to reach you in time, if you need it later, please inform me. Furthermore, the link below contains several important evident pictures.

Additionally, look at affidavit, deposition, PI that gives important evident that Toyota’s defects were behind my accident. For further understanding, here are some explanations.

1. Affidavit Toyota accused me of having possibility of fixing the evidences, and five people sent statements saying that they were informed about the accident after three months on October from when it occurred. This document is part of my objections in 2009 arguing against Toyota in first trial.

When you look at affidavit Toyota, it is stated that the company was informed about the accident on October 1997. However, when you take a look at PI report document, (This document is the interview of a woman police officer who rescued me on August 26th, 1997, the exact date of the accident.) it was Richard Bareett who came to meet the police officer who rescued me.

Furthermore, when you take a look at deposition_deambrose, my lawyer, Paul, asked if the police officer knew who Richard Bareett might be. The police officer responded saying that she knew her, and he was retired trooper. Then, Paul asked whose side Richard Bareett seems to be, and the police officer responded that Richard Bareett came from Mrs. Choi’s side. However, I do not even know who Richard Bareett is.

Who Richard Bareett is still remains mystery. Toyota says that the company was informed about the accident on October, 1997, but if Richard Bareett was employee from Toyota, then those five people from Toyota can be proved to be false.

2. In order to fix the two evidences that I am being accused of making up are very difficult to do, and you have to have certain amount of knowledge to do so. To know the cause of the accident so well seems to prove that there are people who well know about the defects of the cars.

3. The place at which the accident took place, Toyota’s export building, and towing company where my crushed car rested for 11 days are all in 10 miles radius.

Please inform me about the area that confuses you. I sincerely thank you both for your help.

From HyeHyun Choi