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Obama’s first year in his presidency ? Dongsuk Kim

by kace

  • Posted on February 9, 2010

  • News

For the past one year… 
   It has been exactly one year since the first African-American president in American history took office. The meaning of “African-American President” is more than just unprecedented; it is more suited to expect the restoration of America in crisis with the leadership of ‘justice, equality and conscience.’

   America before Obama had been dominated by the greed of the rich, for the power to surrender under capital. Arrogance of the strong had taken away the hopes of the citizen for long. Even the acts of religious fundamentalists (including evangelical Christians) have divided the world into heaven and hell through their pride and tyranny. America aimed to promote universal development of the humankind after the fall of the USSR with the virtues of volunteer service and freedom. However, it has failed due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and brought darkness to the world instead.

   Until now, the United States have forced small and large governments abroad to follow their will. If it did not follow, the U.S. government will publically punish the government. For the past century, the sacrifice United States have made for the world was respectable. However, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. has been a target of resentment and despise from the world due to its military force, pride and tyranny under the Bush administration.

  The byproducts of 8 years of the Republican Government was the everlasting tax reduction policy that lead to a severe gap between rich and poor, and the lax management of financial capital (insufficient capital of large investment banks). With all of these problems in hand, the Obama administration first had to change the economic sphere. Up to 35% of the corporation’s net profit was used for banking business (playing with interests) before, but now the rates fell with the bankruptcy of investment banks.

   Obama concentrated on the vitalization of the livelihood economy and the stabilization of the banking industry by designing legislation that made the leaders of the financial industry to invest in the manufacturing business, and not the banking business that makes profit with interests. He also focused on the reduction of interest rate and lending rate for the stabilization of the housing market (to buffer the housing price plunge and to stabilize housing value). ‘Too big to fail’ – financial institutions were settled, and the government’s supervision and regulation on the market was strengthened. Harsh criticisms were raised, some to the extent claiming that America has turned into a socialist nation.

   However, it still does not reach Obama’s flaring tempers where he has to pour the people’s retirement budget into clearing the rich man’s debt, who has been enjoying his million dollar salary for decades. As the faults of the riches that consist of a mere 3% of the population have brought the country into a complete turmoil, public sentiments state that political authorities have now finally came back to their senses.

  Obama cried out ‘poverty’ almost as if out of habit during his campaigns. His goal of politics was on ‘the problems of poverty.’ He appealed to the people asserting that the issue of poverty has already become a problem of the American citizen’s faith rather than the issue of politics. Obama stated that faith and conscience of the citizens should relief the reality of the poor, and politics will end the vicious cycle. Accordingly, the administration is clinging on to the rights of education and healthcare for ordinary people without concession.


  Healthcare reformation policy was passed in both houses that have been a long-cherished wish for the past century. Next up is education. Why is poverty inherited? Why does the poor lead to the poor? For that the nation will do its best, with a strong political will. Despite the political advisors’ suggestion of solving easier problems first and moving onward, Obama is pushing ahead with his belief saying “that is exactly why the problems of the people have been neglected for the past 100 years. The evaluation of his first year in presidency, losing his fixed base and strengthening his opponent, is not slowing down his reformation.


   Obama succeeded a feeble America that is despised by many. A year ago, during his inaugural address, he stated that correcting a leaning vessel is more difficult than constructing one. Finding the right path between principles and pragmatism is expected to continue through his second year of presidency.