“Buy Local, Shop Smart” Meeting with Assemblywoman Grace Meng

by kace

  • Posted on July 30, 2011

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On Thursday, July 28 2011 KAVC (Korean American Voters’ Council) interns met with Assemblywoman Grace Meng and presented their “Buy Local, Shop Smart” campaign.


[Presneting their project to Grace Meng] [From the Left  : Jane Chun (NYU), and Ye Jun Hahn (Bayside HS)]

The “Buy Local, Shop Smart” campaign intends to show that when a local consumer shifts 10% of his economic spending from chain stores to local stores, the economic impact to the community is increased three times. By educating the public about this coalition, the consumer will learn that job opportunities increase and the currency circulates inside the economy.


Grace Meng acknowledges the interns for trying to recover the local economy through this campaign, and she promised to give her full support. Grace Meng said that most of the locals stores in her district are small businesses and the closed stores gave a huge negative impact on the falling economy. She will support this campaign by joining our Facebook page and other social media, and she encourages the KAVC interns to continue this campaign for the future economy.


The people that presented on July 28, 2011 to Grace Meng are Stella Kim (Cardozo HS), Ye Jun Hahn (Bayside HS), Jae Eun Kim (Hunter College HS), Sohee Ahn (Stony Brook University), Jane Chun (NYU), Jin Han Kim (Coordinator Assistant), Chae No (Internship Coordinator).



[From the left: Jae Eun Kim volunteer, Sohee Ahn Volunteer, Stella Kim intern, Grace Meng Assemblywoman, Ye Jun Hahn intern, Jane Chun intern]