LITC: Sally Sattan

by kace

  • Posted on July 14, 2011

  • 뉴스

            The IRS, or
the Internal Revenue Service exists as a governmental agency that is mainly
known as the collector of taxes in the United States. On the 13th of
July, the New Jersey division of the KAVC visited Sally Sattan of the NNJLS, or
Northeast New Jersey Legal Services in order to discuss matters regarding
federal taxes and the LITC. The LITC, or the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, works
to assist low-income taxpayers with their issues or concerns regarding tax
collection. They largely deal with the IRS and resolve disputes and appeals
between the two parties.

            The New
Jersey interns of the KAVC focused on discussing how the LITC can be made known
among Korean-Americans because a large number are not aware of available
services such as the LITC. General talks about the IRS and certain taxpayer
issues continued. As a result of attending the seminar by Ms. Sattan and other
associates of the NNJLS, the KAVC interns became more knowledgeable in matters
regarding the IRS and taxpayers.