Since its beginning two months ago, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE)’s “sanctuary church” movement has expanded rapidly. Under this initiative, KACE has provided the latest information on immigration policy, legal counsel, and sanctuary to all undocumented immigrants. Recently, the Councils of Korean Churches of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut (대뉴욕지구 한인교회협의회, 뉴저지 한인교회협의회, 코네티컷 한인교회협의회) joined KACE to offer their houses of worship as the platform for guidance and shelter. Over 90 churches in these councils across the tri-state area have declared themselves “sanctuary”. As faith communities of more religious backgrounds are poised to join our movement, we count on your support to protect friends and neighbors in our community. Thank you


KACE stands in the forefront of the “sanctuary church” movement to protect our immigrant communities from what we deem unjust and advance our commitment to equity. KACE aims to:

Educate and advocate on immigration matters to provide visibility for rising issues;
Provide legal support for undocumented immigrants;
Hold know-your-rights training seminars; and
Resist anti-immigrant policy and rhetoric.

A “sanctuary church” must:

Declare to be a shelter for undocumented immigrants
Provide temporary housing;
Provide legal assistance; and
Build a coalition with other sanctuary churches, service organizations, and immigrant advocates.
Our movement has spread beyond churches and will continue to do so, with your continued support.


2/27 | KACE introduced its Legal Task Force–a team of 11 experienced lawyers, most of whom sit on KACE’s board of directors– to address the confusion and concerns of our community following the anti-immigrant executive actions.


3/3 | KACE’s Legal Task Force hosted a seminar on the changes and prospects of immigration law. The seminar was joined by 50 community members to learn more in-depth about the impacts of the new changes.

3/7 | KACE assisted The First United Methodist Church in Flushing in declaring a “sanctuary church” status, and allied with the Council of Korean Churches of Greater New York.

3/12 | KACE visited The Little Flock Church (뉴욕어린양교회) to explain the ongoing changes in immigrant policy and how undocumented immigrants can seek help. In-person consultations were available for attendees after the event.

3/15 | KACE hosted a joint press conference to review the far-reaching impacts of changing immigration policy, and announced the partnership with the Council of Korean Churches of New Jersey.


4/3 | KACE hosted a joint press conference with the Councils of Korean Churches of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to introduce the coalition and its plans for the upcoming month.

4/6-7 | KACE co-hosted a “Sanctuary Church” Symposium to strengthen the coalition of sanctuary churches in the tri-state area and educate the community on the available services, joined by 100 religious leaders.

4/23 | KACE visited St. Michael Roman Catholic Church (성 미카엘 성당) in Palisades Park, New Jersey, to explain the impact and change in immigration policy. Attendees expressed a high level of interest and asked questions on how they can be more involved.

각 상황에서의 대처방법 및 지침사항은 이 곳을 클릭하여 열람하세요 (PDF)

시민참여센터 (KACE)는 오늘날 급변하는 이민정책에 위기에 놓인 이민자들을 보호하기 위해 이민자 보호 법률 대책위원회 (KACE Legal Task Force)를 출범했습니다. 이에 수시로 변화하는 정책과 법률 설명 및 체포 등의 긴급상황시 대처방법 관련 자료를 발표 배부하고 있습니다. 도움이 필요하신분들은 시민참여센터 (KACE) 이민자 보호 핫라인 (646) 450-8603으로 연락주십시오.

2017년 2월 27일: 행정명령 및 이민정책 설명회

박동규 변호사: “이민자 보호 법률 대책위원회 결성 계기와 활동 목표”

최영수 변호사: 트럼프 반이민 행정명령 개관

남수경 변호사: 이민사회의 영향 및 피해 실제사례

박재홍 변호사: 이민국 (ICE) 요원에 체포시 대처방법

박동규 변호사: 방문자, 유학생, 취업 및 취업비자 관련 행정명령 변화전망

조진동 변호사: DACA (청소년 추방유예) 및 DAPA 폐지명령 전망

박제진 변호사: 공공혜택 수혜 이민자 대상 정책

현보영 변호사: 영주권 스폰서의 책임 I-864

윤여영 변호사: 7개국 입국금지 행정명령

최영수 변호사: 추방 절차


손영호 주뉴욕대한민국총영사관 동포담당 영사: 서류미비 이민자 관련 총영사관의 역할

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