2015 Korean American Grassroots Conference

(한글로 읽으시려면 이 곳을 클릭하세요.)

This year’s Korean American Grassroots Conference (KAGC) will be hosted on July 21st through July 23rd in Washington, D.C. This annual conference will be joined by members of U.S. Congress and will serve as a platform to advance Korean Americans’ political power and to strengthen the tie between the United States and Korea.

The inaugural KAGC in 2014 drew over 300 Korean American community leaders from 13 states and 11 members of Congress, including Senator Bob Menendez (then Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and Representative Ed Royce (Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee) as well as Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young of the Republic of Korea.

We at KACE would like to cordially extend the invitation to you to join 2015 KAGC.

Sponsored by Korean American Association of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Hosted by Korean American Civic Empowerment

In collaboration with

  • Korean American Forum (KAF)
  • Korean American Forum of California
  • Korean-American Citizens League of New England
  • Korea-SE United States Chamber of Commerce, GA
  • Korean American Association of Atlanta, GA
  • Korean American Association of South Florida
  • Korean American Association of Queens, NY
  • Korean Community Center of Houston, TX
  • Korean-American Federate Association of Northeastern USA
  • Korean American Association of Virginia
  • Korean Community of Anchorage, AK
  • Korean American Solidarity, Tampa, FL
  • KA Voice, Chicago, IL
  • Korean American Association of Houston, TX
  • Korean-American Chamber of Commerce, Southwest US Chapter
  • Korean-American Chamber of Commerce USA
  • Korean American Association of San Antonio, TX
  • Korean American Association of Greater New Orleans, LA
  • New England Korean American Grassroots Movement


I. Name of Event

2015 Korean American Grassroots Conference (KAGC)

II. Event Summary

This conference invites Korean American leaders and activists from across the United States to Washington, D.C. Over the span of three days, this conference has three main objectives:

  • Educate new grassroots activists;
  • Create a nationwide network of Korean American activists, and;
  • Increase civic participation of Korean Americans.

III. Objectives

  • Foster Korean American grassroots activists
  • Educate grassroots activism and civic participation methods, including the 8080 Campaign (80% voter registration and 80% voter turn-out rate) focused on voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities
  • Provide resources essential to organizing community, carrying out grassroots activities, utilizing media and social network services, and developing leadership
  • Politically empower Korean Americans

IV. Expectations

  • Increased civic participation of Korean Americans
  • Further development of national network of Korean American community leaders
  • Increased influence of Korean American community in Congress
  • Development of Korean American voters’ solidarity through expanded local voter registration activities

V. Participation Fee

  • NY/NJ 참가자: Free
  • Attendees from other states: No fee, reimbursement of 50% of airfare (maximum $250)
  • Room & Board (2 nights, 2 guests per room) provided. Breakfast provided (7/22 & 23). Each attendee is responsible for his/her own meals.
  • Gala ticket: $200 (July 22nd)

VI. Program Time Table

VII. Program Overview

Day 1

장소: Holiday Inn Capitol
(550 C Street SW, Washington DC, 20024)

  • Registration: 12pm – 2pm
  • Introduction to Grassroots Activity Session
    Education session: introduction to the basics of grassroots activism
  • Grassroots Activity Guide Session
    Education session: education on grassroots activities focused on Congress. Training on the 8080 Campaign for voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote campaigns, as adjusted for each local community.

Day 2

  • Meet Our Representatives (U.S. Capitol: Cannon, Rayburn, and Longworth House Office Buildings)
    Attendees visit their own Representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss community issues
  • Korean American Grassroots Conference GALA
    (Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001)
    As a main event of the conference, the gala dinner hosts members of Congress and Korean American attendees of the Conference. Senator Bob Corker (TN; Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and Representative Ed Royce (CA; Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee) will deliver keynote address. In addition, VIPs like the Republic of Korea Ambassador to the United States and the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea will be in attendance. 20 members of Congress (4 Senators and 16 Representatives) are scheduled to attend.
    Gala ticket: $200

Day 3

장소: Holiday Inn Capitol
(550 C Street SW, Washington DC, 20024)

  • Closing Session
    Exchanging feedback of experiences from the Conference
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